enter exit amber s naughty at home

How tall are you? 5'4" Weight? 115 lbs Shoe size: 6.5 Bra Size? 34DDD (that's the most common question lol)
We started taking these pictures in 2005 and have been going strong ever since. I just love being in front of the camera. Hubby takes most of my pictures, but doesn't always shoot the video...sometimes I am alone with a new lover and we like our privacy.

Have you always liked the taste of cum?
Oh hell yes!! There is nothing better to me that a nice hot load of sperm in my face, btw it is good for the complexion. hehe., My hubby loves to work out, so I go along with him most mornings, my exercise routine is pretty good, but I think sex is the best exercise of all- so I try to work that in as much as possible.

Do you like being with other women?
I absolutely LOVE the taste, feel, and smell of another woman. I was nervous the first time, but it just felt so good that I couldn't resist it. I love kissing girls, they are so sensual.

What is your ulitmate fantasy?
My ultimate fantasy is to have an underwater orgy. I think it would be so HOT! Another fantasy I have is of seducing a virgin. I just get off on the thought of telling him exactly what to do and how to do it. I am a take charge lover so to speak.

Are your breasts real?
They are real when you are squeezing them! :-) I've had 3 kids, my boobs were like 34F for a while, then as you know they decided to go south. "The milk went bad, hahaha). So, I will just leave the rest to your imagination, thing is- my breasts are more sensitive now and my nipples get erect if you just look at me a certain way. I am not one of those women that is going to lie about surgery. I figure if it makes you feel better, then do it! Why lie about it?